Bi-Polar Disorder

By Kelsey Trainor

I. Definition        

Secular Perspective

Those diagnosed with bipolar disorder are characterized by intense mood expressions that cycle from very up (manic) to very down (depressed). These moods typically last for weeks at a time. While there is great variation in secular approaches to treating and explaining bipolar disorder. There is overwhelming consensus that it is in fact a real physical disorder and not merely a habit pattern that the counselee falls into.

DSM-5: Bipolar is placed between Schizophrenia and depressive disorders, in DSM-5 because it is thought to relate to both and appears practically to be a cross between them. Since a bipolar diagnosis requires the counselee to experience both manic and depressive episodes, there must be criteria for qualifying these states, and that is what the DSM-5 tries to do.[1] Continue reading Bi-Polar Disorder