Thank you for your interest in writing for the Encyclopedia of Biblical Counseling (EoBC). The following information is a general guideline to assist you in the article submission process.

The purpose of EoBC is to create and maintain a central database of resources and information that exist within biblical counseling. The EoBC will be populated with articles that cover four broad categories: (1) problems & procedures; (2) historical moments & events; (3) movement leaders & biographical information, and (4) organizations. The EoBC is an independent project and is not owned by a specific institution or organization.

General Article Guidelines

Prospective authors may propose an article on any relevant biblical counseling subject within the stated categories. Articles will be accepted in a variety of formats (please see article review process for specific details). Once the editorial team receives your inquiry you will be notified of the appropriate next steps.

Submission Guidelines

Please indicate if your article has been published elsewhere. We aim to publish original articles, but we will also consider previously published articles or publishing a revised version.

Voice and Audience

When writing for the EoBC, please write to general readership. Avoid overly technical writing and seek to provide objectivity in your article. Most often, you will write in active voice while seeking to report on the topic upon which you are writing. Please avoid speculation, your opinion, and subjective language (i.e., “I believe Jay Adams … .”). The author’s goal is to contribute an article over a certain topic, not provide a position or perspective on that topic.

Grammar & Style Guide

Please use proper grammar, spelling, and proofread all article submissions. The editorial team will polish, refine, and direct the focus of your article. However, the editorial process is expedited when authors make an effort to proofread and apply proper grammar and spelling to initial article drafts.

Word Count

The word count will vary and will depend largely on the subject matter. Do your best to be thorough, yet concise. In other words, make your words count. To structure your writing here are a few examples:

  • Problems and Procedures: 4,000 – 5,000
  • Historical Moments and Events 3,500 – 6,500
  • Movement Leaders and Biographical Information 500 – 5,000
  • Organizations 2,000-4,000

Style Guide

  • APA Citation Guide
  • MLA Format Guide
  • Chicago/Turabian Citation Guide


The readers of EoBC range from every day people, students, lay counselors, trained counselors, academic expert, and the like. Therefore, articles should be straight forward, explanatory, and easily comprehended.

Document Format

We accept articles in a variety of formats: .odt, .txt, .docx, .html, or .md file attachment.


All links are subject to the approval of the EoBC editorial team.

Article Review Process

Step 1: Contact the editorial team at and indicate your interest in submitting an article. Please include: (1) your educational credentials and university affiliation, (2) the provisional title of the proposed article, and (3) anticipated date of completion.

Step 2: If the editors approve your request to write an article you will be notified by email.

Step 3: Once you have received approval for an article submission, please complete the initial article draft and submit it to the designated editor. Please reference the submission guidelines for information on the suggested word count, format, and style guide. Authors should submit their documents in Word format, except in special situations approved by the general editors. Graphics and photos should be emailed as separate attachments in .jpg or .gif format.

Step 4: Once the editorial team reviews your article, the decision to publish will be subject to four possible decisions: (1) accepted with no revisions necessary; (2) accepted  contingent upon revisions; (3) rejected with a request to revise and resubmit; and (4) rejection without request to resubmit.

Step 5: Article is published

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EOBC Submission Process Flow Sheet